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A Rich History

Marcus Hotels and Resorts has a rich history as part of the Marcus Corporation family. Focusing on primarily full-service hotels and resorts nationwide, we bring more than 60 years of innovative, profitable expertise to owners and investors. Our commitment to performance excellence is demonstrated through exceeding the expectations of our guests, owners and associates. Managing a highly profitable hotel involves much more than check-in processes and housekeeping. Marcus Hotels and Resorts strives to operate efficiently every day, seeking to maximize returns on your property. With the right management, your hotel can and will earn more. Contact Marcus Hotels and Resorts to see what we can do for you.

The Advantage at Marcus Hotels and Resorts Marcus' seasoned management team and proven marketing and operating systems will add a fresh perspective to your hotel's bottom line. Our advantages include:

Strategic planning

Fully developed strategic planning aimed at operating your property at its full potential.

Results-oriented marketing

Tailored marketing initiatives based on your hotel's market dynamics to increase occupancy and room rate.

Positive results

A strong track record for increasing positive returns on investments.

Size and scale

Resources of the Marcus Corporation provide the size and national distribution to optimize economies of scale in purchasing, management and marketing.

Personal attention

Marcus is appropriately sized to allow senior management the time to give personal attention to your hotel.

Strong balance sheet

Ensuring stability and providing the capability to invest side-by-side with our owners, when appropriate.

A Proven Track Record

Marcus Hotels and Resorts management has a proven, successful track record of thinking outside the box to provide creative solutions. For example:

Marcus Hotels built the nation's first water park in a major urban convention center hotel. Re-positioned a staid cocktail lounge into a trendy - and highly profitable - martini bar that has received national acclaim. Created a hotel-within-a-hotel concept by providing a boutique feel within a convention headquarters to attract a broader, higher-paying guest base. Partnered with Miller Brewing Company to convert an old store front into a unique, high-profile themed pub, Miller Time Pub, expected to generate significant cash flow to the bottom line. Built a world-class European-style health spa that significantly broadened a resort's customer base and significantly enhanced revenues.

Fashioned two new, vibrant themed restaurants from one old tired one.

At Marcus Hotels and Resorts, we look for ways to enhance profitability even before we commence management. We begin by meeting with you, the owner, to understand your short- and long-term vision and goals. We analyze current profit and loss results, balanced against market conditions.

Next, we review your entire property, looking outside the box to find new sources of income while maximizing existing revenue streams. All of this research is presented in astrategic growth plan and agreed upon by all parties. On day one, we begin implementing our proprietary systems and a marketing program tailored to your property with a clearly defined goal of increasing profitability and hotel value.

Marcus' senior management team brings more than 211 years of expertise developing and operating upscale resorts and urban properties. We also have experience in a number of highly specialized areas of management, development and financing. Our expertise includes:

Renovations, repositioning and turn-arounds

We have an extensive track record of successful turn-arounds, including special expertise in historic renovations and historic tax credits.

Construction management

We know how to grow from the ground up with in-depth experience from concepting to pre-opening.

Public/Private partnerships

Arguably the most difficult form of development, we know how to bring multiple, sometimes disparate, groups together, find financing and complete the project on time and on budget.

Convention centers

We understand this specialized segment through our successful operation of convention properties in major and secondary markets.

Master planning

Some of the world's largest master developers have visited our resorts to see how we master-planned and transformed bankrupt properties into highly profitable multi-use complexes.

F&B concepting

We view restaurants as profit centers, not overhead. We create F&B experiences that create buzz and build bottom lines.

Time share

We currently are involved in the development, sales and operation of a major time share operation.

Marcus Corporation founder Ben Marcus built one of the nation's most successful hospitality operations with the philosophy of wanting to be the best, not necessarily the biggest. That approach still applies to Marcus Hotels and Resorts. Our goal is not to be the largest or fastest growing management company, just the best. Our plan is to grow responsibly, at a pace that we can absorb.

Our strategies involve:

Seeking long-term relationships with institutional investors and individual owners investigating the acquisition of small to mid-sized management companies that add strategic strength to our company.

Utilizing our strong balance sheet to strategically co-invest when appropriate.

The most important operating decision for your hotel is who will run it. At Marcus, we assign general managers differently than most companies. We don't just promote the next person in line. We look for the general manager who will fit both the personality of the hotel and the host community. We require our GMs to be community leaders. It's good for business, the GM and the community. Marcus senior management remains actively involved in every property we manage to provide insights and oversight to maximize the flow to the bottom line.

Marcus Hotels and Resorts has the expertise and creativity to improve your hotel's value. We bring decades of experience, a passion for operations excellence and a proven track record. You know your hotel can earn more with the right management ... and we believe that Marcus Hotels and Resorts is the right management for your hotel.

Contact us today to find out what higher returns we can find for your hotel.

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