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Food and Beverage Development

Successful Restaurant Conception and Execution –
It's in our DNA

We are experts at successfully developing and repositioning food and beverage concepts to enhance our guest experiences, compliment a variety of hotel and resort brands and generate superior returns. We view food and beverage as an opportunity to add relevancy to the hotel mix strategy, demographics and local community. Busy hotel bars and restaurants draw the attention of out-of-town guests, helping to boost RevPAR, while capturing added revenues from the local community.

Our restaurant development process is in our DNA – differentiators, nuances and attitude. Long before the concept is conceived, we take the time to understand the market. In fact, it's the target market that helps us to develop the idea. The DNA process is the filter through which all decisions are made – from architecture and design to menus, preparation, staffing and entertainment. Our DNA ensures that we remain true to the concept over time.

What's Your Personality?

From cuisine and cocktails to environment and vibe, each Marcus Hotels & Resort concept has its own personality. Our concepts have been tested and tweaked. We know what keeps guests coming back and can predict return on investment. Depending on the target market, we can introduce one of our established concepts into your hotel or resort or create an exciting new concept that will wow your guests and community.

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